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Wooden dutch door panels


Dutch doors for interior or exterior use

Our Dutch Doors Panels are typically used as exterior doors for the barn  for run out stalls or interior doors for feed and tack rooms.

They are made of 2” X 6” tongue and groove Southern Yellow Pine with steel re-enforcing on the inside and a crossbuck design on the outside.  The joints are glued with exterior grade glue. A weather guard on the top of the lower panel prevents drafts between the two panels. The weather guard also stops  the bottom half from being opened while the upper panel is closed. This prevents the “escape artist” in the stall from trying to sneak under the upper half and possibly injuring his back or whithers.

Standard panel sets are available for finished jamb sizes of  90” or  96” high by 48” wide.  The 90” high door is made up of a 48” high lower panel and a 42” high upper panel. The 96” high door has the same lower panel and a 48” upper panel.  Custom size doors can be ordered. May also be ordered with a plexiglass window in the upper panel.

The panels are assembled and come complete with all the hardware to hang them in your jamb, including 2 pair of 8” heavy duty T-hinges, a 6” bolt latch to secure the upper panel to the lower panel, a door latch, and a screw eye and hook to secure the door in the open position.

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Dutch Door Set  90” high................................. #3000DTCH-90   $  410.00


Dutch Door Set  96” high................................. #3000DTCH-96   $  420.00