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Wall channels, flat stock and trim angle

   Steel channels:

#3000WLC1      8”                     $ 9.20

#3000WLC4     48”                    $20.20

#3000WLC6     72”                    $25.50

#3000WLC8     96”                    $30.80

    Steel flat stock:

#3000WFLT     1-1/2” wide      $ 2.75 /ft

    Steel trim angle:

#3000TRIM-2   1-1/2”               $ 2.50 /ft

#3000TRIM-1     1”                    $ 2.25 /ft


    Aluminum channels:

#3000WLC1-A     8”                 $11.50

#3000WLC4-A    48”                $25.20

#3000WLC6-A    72”                $31.85

#3000WLC8-A    96”                $38.50


    Aluminum trim angle:

#3000TRIM-A   1-1/2”             $3.25 / ft

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Wall Channels will make a quick and easy job of building  your stall walls.  Simply attach the channels to your posts or building walls and drop in your boards to build up your walls. Standard channels are formed to accept 1-1/2” thick lumber. Custom channels may be ordered for any other board thickness you may have available. Also vailable in maintenance  free Aluminum for 1-1/2” boards only.

Wall Flat Stock is used to stiffen your divider walls for extra strength.  Holes are provided for attaching to each board in your wall. (Specify board height when ordering) Flat stock is sold by the foot to accommodate different wall heights. Stiffeners are recommended on walls over 8’ long. 

Trim Angle is used to protect exposed edges of posts and boards where horses will tend to chew.  Trim angle comes 
pre-drilled for quick  installation. Available cut to length in two standard sizes, or custom sizes.