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Wall Vents

For bottoms of stall front walls and aisle stall doors



 Made in steel or aluminum material

 Steel vents have 5/8 rods, 2 on center

 Aluminum vents have 1 tubing, 3 on center

 Made with channel frame for new construction

 Made with angle iron frame and face plate for existing construction

 Height from 5 to 10 high, made to the height of stall front board or as needed

Price: $11.80 / ft steel

$14.80 / ft aluminum

Wall Vents mount low in the wall or door to bring fresh air in to the bottom of the stall to improve air flow and ventilation. Without fresh air getting into the bottom of the stall, warm stagnant air stays in the bottom of the stall, trapping the urine and manure smell as well as the summer heat. Bring fresh air into the bottom of the stall create a chimney effect to move the warm polluted air up and out of the stall.

Available in steel or aluminum, sized to replace one section of board. Bars are spaced 2 on center on steel frills and 3 on center for aluminum grills to prevent hooves from getting caught between them.


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