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Text Box:                  	Quality latch for sliding or swinging doors. Also available with return                         		spring to keep latch out of the doorway when opened. 
		Overall length 10”  
                                   Sliding Door Latch	#3000N1135	$ 16.00
                                   Spring Action Door Latch	#3000N1136	$ 22.00

Lockable sliding or swinging door latch has hole for snap
        or lock to keep it securely closed. 
            Lockable Door Latch	#3000N1133	$ 15.00

	        Cam Latch snugs exterior sliding doors firmly against the door jam when      	         closed to reduce drafts and door rattle. Secures the door from inside the 	          building.

                          Cam Latch	#3000L120	$ 16.00

Cane bolt for securing one side of double sliding doors. 
Overall height: 18”
Cane Bolt	#3000L250	$ 18.00

	   Bar holders are available in open top design, closed top design, and open top 	   for mounting inside doorway openings. For 2” X 4” or 2” X 6” boards.

Open top bar holder	#3000N114	$ 4.50
Closed top bar holder	#3000N115	$ 5.50
Closed top inside mount	#3000N116	$ 8.50

		Ring and hook simply secure a chain to desired length for holding bi-		parting 	sliding door leaves together. Designed for use with clad 		wood-frame doors, rods mount on opposite sides of joining door 		verticals, angling upward from horizontal door spacers toward the 		inside of verticals where the doors meet. The chain will then drop to 		lowest position for a snug fit.
	Chain Snugger	#3000H109	$ 20.00