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Steel stall grills


(shown with swing out section)



· Feed opening  11-1/2” W X 8” H standard

· Feed doors  20” X 20” standard

· Swing out section

· 1/2” square bars

· 5/8: bars

· 1” tubing bars

· Arch top grill

· Heights from 18” up to 48”

· Door and window grills are made to size required to fir your opening

Price: $19.80 / ft

Our standard Steel Stall Grills are made with 1/2” solid steel rods, with 3-1/2” between the rods, welded into a 1-1/2” angle iron frame.  The frame will overlap to the inside of the stall and is drilled and countersunk for mounting screws.  Other rod diameters (1/2” square, 5/8” round and 1” tubing) and spacing are available.

Standard grills are 36” high and made to any length you need. 
Custom height grills can also be ordered.  Optional  feed openings are
11-1/2” wide X 8” high (larger on request).  Please designate RIGHT or LEFT as you stand in the aisle and look at the front of the stall.

Feed Doors  (pictured at right)can be ordered in place of feed openings. They are 20” X 20” and use a gravity latch to keep them in place when shut.

Swing out sections let you have up to a 36” wide section of the grill that will swing open to allow your horse to have its head out during the day, or closed in when necessary.  Swing outs typically go opposite from the feed opening.

Window grills and door grills have the angle iron frame on all four sides and are made to your desired width and height. Call for pricing.



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